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White Collar Boxing is the Ultimate Crossfit Program. We Stretch like yoga. We have cardio like running, jumping rope, and bike riding. We work fast twitch fiber by hitting bags which includes Heavybnag, Speedbag, Focus pads, and Slipbag. Strength training includes plyometrics (4 different types). Plus stomach training which includes leg throws 6 different types of stomach exercizes, and medicine ball roman bench sit-ups. We do push ups several different types. We teach you how to kick and punch correctly. We offer self-defense, belt ranking, and competitions. We also have nutritional counseling with an online training log with a calorie counter. We also have private lessons, and video assisted coaching. Back to home page.

Max Level Class

Kickbox For Fitness Only Class

We are a kickboxing based The Program WCB Format.You have to do all three parts together every class. In our Max Level format you must train at least 3 days week, or 12 times a month period. expectation of your attendance and training is mandatory, not whatever. This class is unlimited classes.

Max Class includes Karate free sparring. It is safe and competitive. Men, women, and children enjoy it in all ages and ability levels. Our training also requires going through belt ranking in Chung Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do. Both of these activities are mandatory in the WCB Max Level Program. This class is for a more dedicated type personality. First 3 mos 360.00

Re-Introducing our legendary Kickboxing For Fitness Only class. This class is limited. It is a cross training class for clients that enjoy other training besides our class.

This Class is very popular with weight lifters, runners, and athletes in other sports that enjoy a great cardio workout.

This class is obviously a better bargain for those that have been hit by the new economy. This is across training program for people in other Physical Activities. We have 2 options on this program. 3 days a week. 360.00 and unlimited 8 classes a week 400.00.

Your first workout is 20 dollars. If you join on your first day the 20 dollars will apply to your membership. When you start our program you just
need bag gloves and hand wraps and jump rope. Click these links for your gear to purchase your equipment online in our New Online Store.

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