I must admit I never put much credibility into palm reading until I did some research about it.

I do however believe in the laws of nature and the universe.

The natural law attraction is definitely something I believe in.

All things of likeness are similar or the same.

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The simian crease was definitely defined before I was born.

When I was born I had two simian lines on both palms. My life is a testament of a person with simian lines. I was destined to choose a path that was natural for my character and personality. I'm a fighter and a creator.

Pamelah Tablak, Master Hand Analyst

Simian Creases are not very common, under 20 percent of the population. To have one is more common. To have two is very rare, more in the 10% of fewer of the population.

In the world of Hand Analysis, a Simian Crease is considered a Gift Marking. Gift Markings are line formations that mean extra potential talent. About 30 people of the population may have one. To have more than one, again, is a rarity. So immediately we know there aren't many people like you or to whom you can turn for role modeling.

This Gift Marking combines the Head line (thinking) and Heart line (feelings). Because there is one line where normally there would be two, the person experiences both feelings and thoughts as one energy. Often a person with a Simian may not know what is meant by ‘feeling and thinking’ as separate experiences. You ask a feeling question, "How do you feel?" and get a thinking answer back, "I think I'm doing OK."

Emotional Response
Because it’s a flat line, there is an objective, flat emotional response mechanism in this person.

Extremes and Intensity
This a 180° line. Consequently, opposites are associated with it. Most often, the owner’s focus or response is either on or off. All or nothing. Black or white. Yes or no. It may be “work all night then sleep all day. “ This also gets demonstrated as intensity: when they do something, it may become their predominant focus. Nothing else may be of concern until they are done. Doing one thing at a time is comfortable. While eating you just eat – no phone calls. Interruptions are not preferred.

Simian people have a lot of stamina. An owner of this marking may not understand why others go home when he/she is still working on a tight deadline. Simians could benefit from being cautious about judging others in this area.

The Black Box Syndrome (miscommunication).
Visualize a black box through which all words and tones of voice get filtered, in & out. That’s what it’s like for a person with a Simian Crease. For example, he may be communicating intensity but it gets heard as anger or frustration. The person hearing the communication acts as if the owner of the Simian Crease IS angry or frustrated. He may say, “I would like to go Hawaii on vacation.” Her interpretation may be, “We are going to Hawaii and it’s not up for discussion.”

What I suggest is that the person with the Simian Crease ask the listener, “What did you hear me say?” and then listen as openly as possible for the listener’s words. This process is also effective when the Simian Crease person sees a response on the other person’s face or body language which he or she did not expect. “What do you think I said?” And then listen and draw out as much information from the other person as possible to gain clarity on the communication process.

The communication goes both ways: incoming communication goes through the black box, too. The Simian’s listening may misinterpret the other person’s speaking. A Simian owner may respond to a friend's comments with what seems like intensity to the Simian but feels like anger to the friend.

If you want something done, ask a Simian. If you want an intensity of focus, this is your man.

I have seen maybe 10 or 15 double simian palms out of about 8000 pairs of hands I've read.

Pamelah Tablak
Master Hand Analyst
Transformational Mentoring for People in Transition
through Hand Analysis and Art Therapy


I'm sure you are a very interesting guy and double simian creases are quite rare. Extreme is the key word - you will go to great lengths to accomplish/do what you really are passionate about and sometimes just because life is too boring not to. The Simian is a joining of the heart and head lines which are generally two separate entities - and lines.

You will have a tendencies to do 180's in your life - sudden extreme switches of career or home life or philosophies about life - or all of the above. It can leave people around you reeling because the changes can be so sudden - at least to the outsider looking on. You will also be very willing to get involved in causes or events that will further your current passions - like a dog with a bone you will gnaw away until the mission is accomplished

One of your greatest challenges will be not "leaving people behind" when you do your extreme morphing.

Enjoy the Process!

Love and Support always,
Peggy Sue Skipper


I am a single simian crease person and I can report that our simian crease club is more numerous than most people realize (3% of the US population)

All simian crease owners have an intensity that must be channeled or they get cranky and irritating to themselves and others. I channel mine into hands, you apparently into martial arts. I am near 60 and still run 5 miles and play basketball - my motor is just so active it needs its proper outlets.

Good luck.

Richard Unger

Some athletes possess a combination of the Lines of Heart and Head, known as the Simian Line. This unusual line reveals an intense side to the personality. If this line is found on the hand of someone with an interest in sports, there can be a love of intense, demanding competitive activity. For some people, fitness becomes an obsession. Outdoor types can feel unfulfilled unless they put the body through a punishing regime.

"Palmistry-How to Chart the Lines of Your Destiny"

The passionate lover, in the physical sense, is likely to have a full reddish Mount of Venus (the area around your thumb on your right hand). Generally, the lower the Line of Heart, the more important the sensual side of love will be. If it is very low, almost touching the Line of Head (which yours is-Simian), then passion and desire will be stronger than reasoning ability. He or she would need, and probably get, lots of physical action.

The Simian Line is likely to be found on the palms of people who have a strong tendency to be 'a law unto themselves'. People with this line can find some aspects of relating to others problematic. When these lines are separate, the Lines of Head and Heart allow objectivity and reason to rationalize and temper emotional responses. When the Simian Line is found, it can disrupt this delicate balance because thoughts and feeling are combined.

It is quite rare to find a pure Simian Line on both palms; owners of such will be very subjective and willful. They will not easily adhere to the usual norms of society, but will be a law unto themselves. In extreme cases, they will be completely ruled by passions and instincts and the law of the jungle will apply. This type often feels a lot of tension and internal pressure as everything is experienced in an acute way; this can give way to unreasonable outbursts, which can be aggressive.

There can often be a great deal of highly creative energy simmering under the surface, which, if given the opportunity in terms of education and environment, can manifest itself in a powerful, highly individual way.

For pure Simian types, someone with a very defined Simian Line on both hands, all areas of life are experienced with enormous intensity. Powers of concentration can be tremendous as everything on a mental level is also felt emotionally and all feelings simultaneously register mentally. Whatever is chosen in terms of work is therefore crucial, as it will be far better to apply concentrated energies to demanding tasks rather than to people. Emotions can be so caught up in the thought that responses can be, or seem to be cold and unfeeling. Often, there is little comfort to be found in relationships as the element of sharing can be in short supply. The deep sensitivity of many simian types registers so subjectively that experiencing closeness and harmony in a relationship can be difficult.

It may be difficult sometimes for others to understand you but take heart in the knowledge that it is better to feel so deeply than not to feel much at all; that your inner depth of subjective and often passionate feeling can be a fount of great creativity; and that your powers of concentration can serve you well, depending on how you choose to use them.

By Roz Levine

Hi Jeff,

I want to use these photos for my teaching if you don't mind.

These palms show a classic example of a Simian Line variation.

Notice how the Lines of Heart and Head come together and join near the middle of the palms. You can still clearly see the end of the Heart Line under the middle finger, but joined with the line of fate and not attached to the Simian Line. The Head Line's natural position is showing as a descending branch in the middle of the palm, and as the 2 distinct "allergy lines" under the right hand baby finger.Next Page