When We Compete We Win

The Big D was a great tournament. The judging was fair the crowd was up lifting. The winners won and the losers lost.

Everybody fought hard and they all showed up to win.

They trained hard they arranged their schedules to make training and competition. All things considered

I'd say it was the best event for karate for long while.

The lower divisions and intermediate levels all had fighters. It was fun watching students fight for the first time.

Winning your first match is very important. It gives you confidence for you next fight. Some divisions only had a couple fighters but it was only one or two of them.

If you teach karate and your students

don't fight in karate tournaments, thenhow do they know they can fight? They don't. They miss the humility of defeat first and foremost. You can't appreciate victory totally till you taste defeat.

It is all about the joy of competition. Being winners feels good for sure, but losing can inspire you also. if you are lucky enough to have someone push you then you are ahead of the game.

~more to come~

I was nervous going into my first tournament, and even though I lost my first match, I felt good getting out there, and was happy with some of the things I did. My main goal now is to correct my mistakes, and do even better in the next tourney.




These video clips are of our students Fighting at the
Big D Nationals they got some real nice trophies.
These clips will be changed frequently so you
can see what we do. Th
ese clips are of the fights.






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